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Several Certified members of the EDPA also offer educational experience for EDPs to further their education from job shadowing to apprenticeships. In order to receive EDPA Certification Testing Pre-Approval, an EDP must complete one of the following:


a. Provide a “Certificate of Completion” in fields of equine/animal education.

* This can include under graduate or graduate school, technical school, continuing education courses, or other equine dentistry courses.


b. Apprenticeship.

*Applicant must complete an apprenticeship under direct supervision of a veterinarian or

certified equine dental provider. Applicant must provide the EDPA Apprentice Evaluation form

signed by referenced supervisor.


*Click here for the Apprentice Evaluation Form required

for Pre-Certification Application.


A list of certified members willing to help other EDPs seeking certification are listed below. The EDPA has no input, control, responsibility or liability for the apprentices or agreements made between the EDPs and Certified EDPA members. All contact information is available on the Membership page.


Lance Rubin, EDPA/C

Michael Davis, DVM

David Butts, EDPA/C

Austin Cohn, EDPA/C

Myles Hopton, EDPA/C

Rebecca Green, EDPA/C


Feel free to read some of the wonderful educational experiences of apprentices of our Certified EDPA members!



Dear EDPA,

I had the honor to do my apprenticeship in 2013 with Dr. Richard Miller.  His mobile equine practice is a great learning experience for anyone wanting to  become
an outstanding equine dental provider. Dr. Miller pushed me each day in the education and professional workings of equine dentistry.  During my time with him, I was exposed to over 250 cases of varying degrees of difficulty.  With Dr. Miller's passion for teaching and his immense knowledge and experience, I never felt like I couldn't do the job needed.

He was always patient with my weaknesses until I could learn to overcome them.
And thanks to Dr. Miller's intercontinental connections, I now have a great friendship with
a colleague from Brazil. Thanks for all you have done for me Dr. Miller..................
Becca Green



Dear EDPA,

Last year I became a member of the EDPA, and in October I attended their seminar in Katy, Texas. I had a great time, and met many interesting and knowledgeable people. Among those was Mike Davis, DVM. Along with his very informative class, plus additional conversations we had about geriatric equine dentistry, he left a very positive impression on me. In the following months I had several phone conversations with Dr. Davis, and he also invited me to shadow him in his dental practice. I went to his office in Pearland, Texas, the first week of May this year and he gave me the royal treatment. I had a blast, not to mention all the new things I learned. This was an unforgettable experience and has made me a far better Dental Provider. I would like to let everyone know that if you're considering becoming a member this organization is made up of many people that are in it for all the right reasons, just like Dr. Davis.


Juston Hutchinson




 Trip to America  by Claudia  Sulzbeck, DVM. Equine Dentist


My trip started in Sao Paulo, Brazil to St Louis, Missouri, then on to Tom Allen, DVM's (tallenhrsdntst@gmail.com) home in Patterson, MO, who had anwsered my request to help me with my dentistry and opened his door for an education in equine dentistry.

I traveled with Tom for about 2 weeks in Missouri and Illinois, taking notes while I helped him with  about 50 horses. This was wonderfull and educational.



Then I went to Texas to meet with Michael Davis, DVM (docmdavisdvm@gmail.com) I stayed  there for a week, working with horses and enjoying the rural and family life with his sons in  Pearland,TX. It was marvelous and educational also.




Larry Moriarity, M/EqD (lamoriarity@comcast.net), from Vero Bch, Florida, arrived at Michael's home and we also became friends.




He was going to visit the famous Carl Mitz, Cert EDP (mitzequine@aol.com) in Brenham, TX, and gave me a ride to Carl's. There I got to work with Carl on miniature horses, which was a very unique experience.



I then traveled with Larry to a couple stops in Texas and had the previlege to see him work.He is a very good teacher, showing and telling me exactly what he was doing and why.


The finale was with Dr. Tom Allen and his wife Dawn, that I have become good friends with, that I' ll always remember and appreciate very much.


This trip was a great opportunity to see this wonderfull country, with so many helpful people who took time to help me to  improve my equine dentistry.


I would like to thank everyone for sharing their time and knowledge.

I'm looking forward to come next year to be certified by the "Equine Dental Provider's of America" who are sanctioned by the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

States Approved Hours
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