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Development of Dentition in Small Equine and Related Cases

Author: Carl C. Mitz

Published by: Equine Dental Providers of America


A complete reference book including readiographs, dental chart and skull pictures for small equine ages 120 days to 5 years plus 14 unique related cases. 


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"Study these skulls. Study these dental records. Imagine the horses on these pages as patients and utilize the lessons you learn to help each and every horse you are blessed to stand in front of".  Todd Behre, DVM


"This book is both concise and complete on what to look for and how to chart for all to understand. And mostly, what it looks like both via the naked eye and radiographically. An excellent reference text." Jennifer Schwind, DVM. 


"I want to congratulate the EDPA for producing such a wonderful reference book! The 'Developement of Dentition in Small Equine and Related Cases', is a book that will be helpful for many veterinarians, EDPs and small equine horse owners. I can't stress enough at the amazing clarity of the photos and radiographs. The go to reference book in my day was 'Sissons Anatomy'. What a Difference!!! This book will help many in understanding the dentition of horses and the problems related to it." Dr Dail W. Patterson, Jr, DVM (retired) 52 years in the business.


"Development of Dentition in Small Equine and Related Cases is filled with numerous skull images, radiographs and descriptions to portray not only the normal growth of equine teeth but also a wide variety of clinical cases. It can be a fantastic resource for the visual learner!" Angela Katafiasz, DVM 

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