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Part of the EDPA mission is to offer continuing education. There are very limited resources for educational material in the field of Equine Dentistry. The EDPA has published several books specific to equine dentistry to better inform providers, veterinarians, vet techs and horse owners on the subject. Many times, these books are offered at the EDPA Continuing Education Programs as part of the curriculum and given to the participants.


All books are $35.00 plus shipping.

The Basics of Equine Dentistry

Published by the Equine Dental Providers of America, September 2018

Author: Rebecca Green EDPA/C, Robin Mingione

Publishing Editor: Robin Mingione


Recommended by the EDPA as supplemental material to The Equine Head Anatomical Study Guide- Third Edition. This book not only defines key terms and equine dental anatomy and aging but also is a valuable visual reference in real life situations. This is great for all levels of equine enthusiasts to better understand the basics of equine dentistry.

The Equine Head Anatomical Study Guide

Published by Equine Dental Providers of America, 3rd Edition August 2018.

Prepared by: Michele Mautino, DVM, PhD and Donna J Woelfel, DVM


Recommended by the EDPA for use in preparation of the equine dental providers certification and licensure exams. This book covers detailed dissected images of the Skull, Muscles and Nerves of the Head, Arteries and Veins of the Head, Sagittal Sections of the Equine Head, and Transverse Sections of the Equine Head.

Development of Dentition in Small Equine and Related Cases

Published by Equine Dental Providers of America, September 2016

Author: Carl Mitz, EDPA/C and Tom Allen DVM

Development Director: Robin Mingione


Starting at newborn to five years old, each age has a chart, photographs and radiographs identifying the aging and development process of equines through dentition. Also included are 14 additional related cases with charting of condition, photographs and radiographs.

Millers Digest of Equine Dental Cases

Published by Equine Dental Providers of America, October 2017

Author: Richard Miller DVM.

Publishing Editor: Robin Mingione


A collection of equine dental case studies provided monthly by Dr. Richard Miller from January 2013 through September 2017. Each month’s case provides, photos and explanation by Dr. Miller.

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