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~ Discounts on EDPA Certification and EDPA Continuing Education Fees.


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Dr Allen with Juston Hutchinson



A recent adventure showed me one of the benefits of being a member of the  EDPA. I had an accident which resulted in a fractured humerus of my right arm. Completely broke, all the way through, midway between my elbow and shoulder. I could not use my right arm, probably for approximately four months.

Lucky for me, I have some great friends in our EDPA. our President and my good friend, Carl Mitz, who kindly contacted​ Juston Hutchinson, and Becca Green to help me provide dental care for the several weeks of equine dental appointments that my wife/boss, Dawn, had scheduled for that time period.


I was the "supervising" veterinarian for the certified, licensed EDPA members that came to my rescue during the past few weeks (which sometimes meant that I was privileged to be able to learn some methods from the "techs" that I was "supervising")​.


I may have lost several clients without the assistance of these friends. 

Thanks again to Carl, Becca, and Juston!


Tom Allen, DVM, EDPA Certified